Aleksandra Stanisavljevic

Special Adviser to CEO for Concession
Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport

Aleksandra Stanisavljević (1966) - PROJECT MANAGER FOR CONCESSION AND SPECIAL ADVISOR TO THE CEO of AD AERODROM NIKOLA TESLA BEOGRAD-Graduated from the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade in 1989. Passed the Bar exam in 1994. Corporate and Aviation legal specialist.. Engaged by AD Aerodrom NikolaTesla (ANT) from 2014 in capacity of legal advisor to the CEO. Commencing from year 2015 was part of the appointed joint working group of Government of Republic of Serbia and ANT  for governing strategic development of the Airport Nikola Tesla. In the year 2016 led the team of ANT working with appointed Advisor consortium led by investment bank LAZARD SAS France (members of consortium: Mott MacDonald technical advisory, KPMG London/Beograd financial advisory, Orrick France/CMS Petrikic and partners legal team), which as result had recommendation to the Government of Republic of Serbia initiation of the process of selection of best bidder for the execution of the concession agreement relating to the financing, development through construction and reconstruction, maintenance and management of the JSC Airport Nikola Tesla Belgrade infrastructure and the performance of the activity of airport operator at Airport Nikola Tesla in Belgrade. From then on acted as Project manager in the name of ANT for the process which was successfully completed by awarding the contract to VINCI SAS France on 5th January 2018. The Agreement executed on 22nd March 2018  between Republic of Serbia , represented by the Government and ANT on one side as Grantors and VINCI SAS and VINCI Airports Serbia as SPV, on the other side. On 22nd December 2018 by completion of all conditions from the Condition precedent period, by all signatories of the agreement, amongst them payment of the Upfront concession fee by the Concessionaire the Concession commenced. Estimated value of contract 1,2 billion Eur. Prior to current engagement had the position of advisor to the general manager of the Civil Aviation Directorate 2010-2012. From the year 2005 up to 2008 advised the CEO of Jat Airways and was Project manager for the process of restructuring 2005 and 2006 and process of privatization in 2008. In 1999 upto 2001 was at the position of Executive manager of the air-charter company "Aviogenex" Beograd, while at the same time holding position of Manager of the Consulting center in the cabinet of the Chairman of the largest foreign trade company Genex Group responsible for legal, financial and business operation development.