Djordje Radinovic

Stara Pazova Municipality

Djordje Radinovic was born on May 14, 1961 in Belegiš. After primary school he continued his
education in Zemun where he graduated from secondary school for traffic. Later on, due to the needfor further refinement and the complexity of responsible duties, to which he was elected by the will ofthe people, he supplemented his education with studies in the field of industrial and economicmanagement, gaining the title of a graduate manager.
Since an early age he was actively involved in sports, especially noting the excellent results in
football. He played for several clubs in Srem and the capital, in FC "IMT" from Novi Beograd thelongest, which competed in the rank of the Third League of SFRY, where he was a longtime captain.He played for the amateur representation of Belgrade 16 times, which he often led by the captain'sarmband.
He began to engage in politics in the early 90s, particularly standing out with his authenticity and
activism. He is one of the founders of the then leading opposition parties in Serbia, and after morethan twenty years in politics he matured into a serious social activist, who puts interests of thepeople above all and who is known by everyone in Srem.
Before he was elected President of the Municipality of Stara Pazova, recognized as one of the bestlocal self-government in Serbia, Đorđe Radinović was the President of the Council of MZ Belegiš forfour years. He won the first term of president of the Council of this Local Office in year 1994. In hisnative Belegiš, where he still lives, he invested a lot of personal effort and work for it to become oneof the most beautiful settlements in Srem. Regardless of the far greater obligations that challengedhim, Đorđe Radinović was determined to achieve such goal for the Municipality of Stara Pazova aswell.
In his previous work, he has been responsible in charge of his entrusted duties and has significantlycontributed to achieving better, more efficient results in the work of local self government in all fields,and that, for a better life of the citizens, numerous capital and vital infrastructure projects have beenimplemented.
He is married. He has two daughters with his wife Ljiljana – Ivana and Sanja. He is a proud
grandfather of little Sofija and Dusan.