Nikola Bitrak

Colenco Ltd., North Macedonia

Nikola Bitrak is a CEO of COLENCO in Macedonia and responsible for activities in Balkan and SEE region. He has a Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Electrical Engineering from University St. "Cyril and Methodius", Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Skopje.

After completing his studies in 2005, Mr. Bitrak has been active in power transmission and distribution, power generation, renewable energy systems, power quality, planning and modeling as well as project management assignments.

During his postgraduate course, he was working as assistant at the University at the high voltage and power transmission departments on tasks related to the overhead transmission lines, high and medium voltage substations, testing of power generation units, equipment, and power transformers and lightening.

Joining the Academy of Science and Arts, Research Center for Energy and Informatics he has worked on various projects regarding the renewable energy system and energy savings, preparing the strategy for energy development and regional energy development planning initiatives.

Mr. Bitrak has accumulated a lot of professional experience working in the Transmission System Operator, as a planning and system analyst engineer and later manager of the engineering department that qualifies him for the complete range of electrical engineering activities including energy, system planning and project management.

Since he has started working in the Engineering department of the Macedonian TSO, he has successfully managed many huge projects in the field of high voltage substations and their rehabilitation, overhead transmission lines and power cables, SCADA/EMS and MMS systems, implemented through financing by international finance institutions in accordance with the international standards polices and rules (EBRD, World Bank, EIB etc.)

From May 2012 he took over the responsibility as Managing Director of AF-Consult Ltd. Skopje office, as a part of AF-Consult Switzerland Ltd.

As a responsible for the Balkan region operations of AF, Mr. Bitrak succeeded to develop AF-Consult Ltd. Skopje into successful, independent and reliable partner, working on many important projects in the region. This successful growth reflected with company transition into a new brand, COLENCO Ltd. starting from October 2020.

As CEO of COLENCO Ltd. for the Balkan/SEE region and responsible for T&D, hydro, thermal, nuclear, infrastructure, power market and particulary projects in public private partnership , PV and renewable sources, he is working in project management, project coordination and project implementation of major investment project in the region , as well as on projects in Asia and Africa.