prof. dr Marko Spiler

Center for Public Procurement Management

Prof. Marko Špiler. PhD., president of Public Procurement Chamber of Serbia, and founder and director of the "Center for Management" and "Institute for Public Management". Also a professor at the Faculty of Management as the Head of the Master of Public Procurement Management, and as a professor in state "Academy of Technical and Artistic Vocational Studies Belgrade" and „Novi Sad School of Bussines“. Spiller is an international consultant for public procurement and public-private partnership, he has implemented dozens of PPP projects in the Republic of Serbia and hundreds of public procurement contracts in the country and abroad. He held more than 100 lectures at scientific conferences, seminars and consultations in the country and abroad, Spiler is a consultant for several international procurement institutions. He is the author of 11 books, 2 monographs.